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The Marish was a fertile but boggy[1] farmland region on the western banks of the River Brandywine, in the Eastfarthing of the Shire[2], and the edge of the world beyond. The Shire-folk in this region were more cautious than their fellow Hobbits who lived farther from the borders, and so they sought protection from the dangers beyond the River.


The Hobbits of the Marish came for the most part later into the Shire than other Hobbits. They were mostly Stoors who arrived from the south and were known for being large, heavy-legged, and they wore boots in muddy weather. Having arrived later and separately from most Shire hobbits, the folk of the Marish had many peculiar names and strange words in their speech (see: Stoorish).[3] Most of the inhabitants of the Marish, were house-dwellers.

During Frodo Baggins's trek across the Shire, he and his companions left the road in the Green Hills in order to take a shortcut across the Marish. They came to Bamfurlong and the home of Farmer Maggot, stoutly built of brick, with a high wall all around it, protected by three large dogs. [1]


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