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'Swordsman of the Sky' (or Orion), one of the constellations set in the heavens by Varda to enlighten the awakening of the elves and gathered by Varda from among the ancient stars (The Silmarillion, Chap. 3; cf. MR 71, 160). Other constellations were Wilwarin, Telumendil, Soronúmë, Anarríma and Valacirca.

According to the Annals of Aman (MR 71) the making of the constellations (and of some new bright stars) happened 1000-1050 Valian Years after the first flowering of the Trees.

The elements of the Quenya name are: menel 'firmament' and macar 'swordsman'.

Other name-forms and names: Menelmakar, Menelmakil, Menelvagor, Telumehtar; see especially the article Telimektar.


MR = Morgoth's Ring (The History of Middle-earth, vol. 10).