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Merimac Brandybuck

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Merimac Brandybuck
Biographical Information
BirthS.R. 1342
DeathS.R. 1430
ParentageRorimac Brandybuck
Menegilda Goold
Physical Description

Merimac Brandybuck was a Hobbit of Buckland.


Merimac was the youngest son of Rorimac Brandybuck and Menegilda Goold. He had one son, Berilac, and they were both present at Bilbo's Farewell Party.[1]


The name Merimac is, like most male Brandybuck names, Celtic in sound, but apparently meaningless. The first element, Meri, is similar to Meriadoc, and could, like in that name, have been based on Buckland Westron kali, "jolly, gay".[2] Mac is a Celtic word meaning "son", though it is unknown whether Tolkien used it with that meaning in mind. The entire name also resembles Merrimac, a name of a river and several towns in the United States. That word is of Native American origin.


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