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Days in the Shire Calendar
  1. Sterday
  2. Sunday
  3. Monday
  4. Trewsday
  5. Hevensday
  6. Mersday
  7. Highday

Mersday was the sixth day of the week in the Shire Calendar. Mersday is translated as Thursday in The Lord of the Rings.

Originally there was a six-day week - as Elves liked to reckon in sixes and twelves - but it was the Númenóreans who desired a seven-day week so they inserted an extra day after Heaven's Day. As they were great mariners they dedicated it to the sea, naming it Eärenya in Quenya (or Oraearon in Sindarin).

The Hobbits inherited the seven-day week from the Men of the North and Eärenya originally became Meresdei before it was later known as Mersday.