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Middle-earth: Against the Shadow Player Guide

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Middle-earth: Against the Shadow Player Guide
PublisherIron Crown Enterprises

Middle-earth: Against the Shadow Player Guide was a planned source-book for the MEAS expansion to Middle-earth Collectible Card Game, to be released in 1998 but which never reached publication.

Nigel Buckle, who had worked with this book for ICE, later made an unofficial Against the Shadow Player Guide (edited by Markus Richartz) with a full description of every card in the expansion set (109 pages in pdf), containing some sample decks.[1]

[edit] From the publisher

This seventh supplemental volume to the Middle-earth Collectible Card Game features in-depth analysis and reference information for the Middle-earth: Against the Shadow (MEAS) expansion. It is comprised of three major sections. Firstly, there is a strategy guide which provides insight into deck design and play focusing on cards from MEAS. This section also features actual tournament ready decks. Secondly, there is black and white high resolution reproduction of each card from MEAS. Finally, there is a section of featured card topics. This section discusses tactical and deck tuning concerns for each topic and gives color text which places the topics in the context of Tolkien's world.


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