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Middle-earth Play-By-Mail

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Middle-earth Play-By-Mail
Video game
DeveloperGame Systems Inc.
PublisherGame Systems Inc. (USA), Gad Games (UK), Central de JOCS S.L. (Spain), DaS Production s.r.l. (Italy), Strategic Fantasy Games of Australia (Australia), Drachenschmeide (Germany), PBM Express (The Netherlands), Colyseo (France}
Release dateStarted in 1990
GenrePlay by Mail

In 'Middle-earth Play-By-Mail every person has to fill in a form each two or three weeks and mail it to the Game Master.[1] Then these forms are are proccesed in the head computer. The result are then send back to the players.[1] Each game has 25 nations, ten who fight for good, ten who are evil and five who are neutral.[1] There are three scenarios: one in T.A. 1650, one in T.A. 2950 and one in the Fourth Age.[2]

Game Masters

  • USA: Game Systems Inc.
  • UK: Gad Games (till 1995), Allsorts PBM Games (after 1995
  • Spain: Central de JOCS S.L.
  • Italy: DaS Production s.r.l.
  • Australia: Strategic Fantasy Games of Australia
  • Germany: Drachenschmeide
  • The Netherlands: PBM Express (Cancelled)

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