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Middle-earth Puzzles

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Middle-earth Puzzles was a series of jigsaw puzzles released by Iron Crown Enterprises, featuring images by Tolkien-inspired artists.


  • (1997) An Unexpected Party - Art by Angus McBride (1000 pieces)
  • (1997) Arwen's Choice - Art by Ted Nasmith (1000 pieces)
  • (1997) Burglar Baggins - Art by Donato Giancola (500 pieces)
  • (1997) Éowyn and the Witch-king - Art by Angus McBride (500 pieces)
  • (1997) The Way is Shut - Art by Ted Nasmith (500 pieces)
  • (199?) Gandalf's Mark
  • (199?) Map of Middle-earth
  • (199?) Mirror Of Galadriel

From the publisher

NEW! Middle-earth Puzzles

This set of 7 beautiful, full-color art puzzles depict some of the most memorable scenes from Tolkien's epic tales of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. ST # 30501, 30502, 30503vand 31501 use original art created for the award-winning Middle-earth Collectible Card Game, and ST # 31001, 31002, 41002 are all original works created by the artists especially for this exclusive puzzle series.