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Mika Milovana

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Princess Mika Milovana was the Princess of Dale in the 1966 adaptation of The Hobbit.[1]


Princess Mika Milovana was one of three who survived the destruction of Dale by the dragon Slag, the others being a watchman and General Thorin Oakenshield.[1]

The Princess got angry when Bilbo refused to accept his prophesied role of the dragon slayer and declared that she would go alone to the Lonely Mountain. Dismayed that a child should enter into such peril, Bilbo agreed to go.[1]

After Bilbo had killed Slag, Dale was restored. Bilbo and Mika reigned there together for a time before they returned to Hobbiton.[1]


According to Gene Deitch, the director of The Hobbit (1966 film), the Princess was named after Pete Seeger’s eldest daughter "Mika". Her second name, "Milovana", 'means a beloved woman' in Czech.'[2]


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