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[[Category:White Mountains]]
[[Category:White Mountains]]

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Min-Rimmon was one of the seven beacon-hills of Gondor, on the northern flanks of the White Mountains. It was the fifth beacon west of Minas Tirith[1] and was the highest peak in a group of crags known as the Rimmon. With Eilenach and Amon Dîn, Min-Rimmon was one of the oldest beacons, set in place even before the foundation of Rohan.[2][3]

On the night of 7 March T.A. 3019 Gandalf and Pippin, riding east on Shadowfax, saw the beacons being lit to call for aid from Rohan.[4]


Min-Rimmon is Sindarin, meaning "Peak of the Rimmon" (min "peak").[3]


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