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This index contains a list of some of the more popular and thorough discussions found in's Languages of Arda forum.


[edit] Reference Threads/Dictionaries:

[edit] Elvish languages:

  • Elbereth: Sindarin or Quenya?
  • Elven tongues
  • Elvish, anyone?
  • Elvish is hard....look at this
  • Elvish is not a language
  • Elvish language and names - help me !
  • Elvish lives
  • Elvish Questions
  • Elvish that was not subtitled in the films
  • Favorite Elvish Movie Lines!
  • Is the Elven language copy written?
  • J.R.R. Tolkien's elven language... books?
  • Possible to have a discussion in Elvish?
  • Questions about the elvish languages
  • Sam's Elvish
  • Sauron's Writings
  • The Avari's Language
  • The Elvish Linguistic Fellowship
  • Tribute to Elvish
  • What did Gimli say in Elvish?
  • Which elven language was spoken by Legolas?
  • Which form of elvish...
  • Wordlisting Elvish

[edit] Quenya:

  • Abandoned Roots?
  • basic Quenya conversation guide
  • Diphthongs or not diphthongs?
  • Quenya
  • Quenya Transliterator
  • Speaking Quenya....
  • Tolkien Talking Quenya
  • The Quenya Practice Ground
  • The Ring Poem in Quenya

[edit] Sindarin:

  • Beacon-hills of Gondor
  • Consonant mutation in does it work, exactly?
  • Help with Elvish.
  • Need some help!
  • sindarin

[edit] Other Tolkien Languages

  • Bombadil's language of "wonder and delight"
  • Common Speech
  • Complexity of Human Languages
  • Hobbit Language
  • How many languages did Tolkien create?
  • Languages in the Wilderlands
  • Languages of ME
  • Lost Languages and Songs
  • Rohirric?
  • What do we know about this "Common Language"
  • What language did they spoke?
  • why do they speak english

[edit] Written Languages: Tengwar, Runes, etc

  • Cirth and Tengwar Artwork
  • Doing accents on Tolkienian names
  • English Tengwar
  • help me with my elvish writing
  • I want to learn Tengwar ...
  • Runes and Magic
  • Specific sound in the tengwar
  • Tengwar Butchery
  • Tengwar Fonts
  • Tengwar Inscription on Sting!
  • Tengwar of Rúmil?
  • Transliterate: English---> Quenya, Cirith, etc.
  • Tyelpetéma
  • Using Tengwar to Write English
  • Vocal Y in tengwar
  • What is the Shibboleth of Feanor?

[edit] Names:

  • Aragorns last name
  • Are there any Dwarvish names known?
  • Do all swords have names?
  • Elven names
  • Gondolin's names
  • Hi, I got a question for you..
  • Index of names
  • Last names
  • Name Connotations
  • Names...
  • names in elvish
  • Names of Places
  • Nazgul's names
  • Origin of the name Bag End?
  • Origin of the name "Morgoth
  • Place Names
  • Quenya and Sindarin names.
  • The Names of the dwarfs and the name "Gandalf"
  • The Name of Sauron Forbidden????
  • Tolkien and H.P. Lovecraft: name inspirations?
  • True Middle-earth names thread
  • What are the names of the Dwarf Rings?
  • What does my nick mean?
  • What's in a name?
  • Why use the Father's name?
  • Your REAL elven name!

[edit] Projects: Bible, Dr Seuss, etc

  • A Great Work has begun! - LotR in Latin
  • Dr. Seuss Translation Needed
  • Elvish Bible Project - Organization
  • I Yessessë
  • Silmarillion in the Elven Tongues
  • The Elvish Bible Project
  • The Elvish Bible Project - Submissions

[edit] Translations:

  • Bad Translations
  • Crist Poem
  • Elven translations
  • Even Google can't find it !
  • How many translation?
  • I Lantë Artanáro
  • Quenya/Sindarin translations
  • Quenya-Sindarin Translations
  • [S], [Q]: Chapters of The Silmarillion
  • Translations
  • Tolkien Translations: The Good, the Bad and the Funny
  • translation?
  • Translation please
  • translations....

[edit] Languages of the World: Finnish, Welsh, etc

  • How many languages did Tolkien speak?
  • HWÆT! The thread for Anglo-Saxon and Old Norse languages and literature
  • LOTR and The Welsh Language
  • Reminiscences from Real Languages
  • Welsh and Finnish

[edit] Questions Concerning Specific Words:

  • Aiglos Aeglos?
  • Alcarondas
  • Dwimmerlaick
  • Elvish word for 'Bliss'?
  • Elvish Word for Surprise
  • Elvish words for North, South, East, West
  • Lazy Lob, Crazy Cob, and Old Tomnoddy??
  • Middle-Earth/Midgaard
  • 'O Elbereth Gilthoniel'
  • Origin of "Maia"
  • Origins of the Word Hobbit
  • Silmaril+li+o+n
  • What does 'Attercop' mean?
  • what does "olog" mean?
  • What does Ost-in-Edhil mean?
  • What does..."Silmarillion" mean, grammatically?
  • What does this mean?
  • What language is "Turambar" in?
  • What's a weskit?
  • Why did Tolkien choose the name Smaug?
  • Why Middle-earth?

[edit] Language classes and courses

  • elvish language sites
  • Elvish Sounds??
  • Learning Dwarvish
  • learning elvish
  • Learning Elvish
  • Learning Elvish
  • Learning Elvish II
  • Learning Quenya
  • Learning Sindarin...
  • The Ardalambion Course...
  • The Elvish Class
  • THE ELVISH CLASS *closed*
  • The Quenya Class
  • Where can i learn?

[edit] Tolkien's writing style:

  • Alternate names used in The Hobbit
  • A mistake to use "Fairy-Story" terms?
  • Common sayings/phrases in Tolkien's Text
  • change in writing style
  • Tolkien's Mastery of Literary Wit/Metaphor/Imagery
  • Why did Tolkien write this way(the 2nd)?
  • Word Listing

[edit] Pronunciations:

  • How do you pronounce...?
  • how do you pronounce it?
  • how to pronounce 'Tolkien'
  • On pronunciation...
  • pronouncing elvish
  • Pronounciation of Dior
  • Pronounciations (sp)?
  • pronunciation
  • Pronunciation
  • Pronunciation?
  • Pronunciation of 'Fangorn'
  • Quick question
  • Silmarillion pronounciations

[edit] Miscelanea:

  • About ents and eorls in Old English texts
  • Elvish Humor
  • Etymologies
  • Gollum's language ability
  • Hebraic interpretations of Tolkien languages
  • HELP NEEDED......Re: This Forum's Index
  • Lament for Gandalf
  • Songs of Power
  • The Newt's Linguistic section
  • The Sayings of Master Samwise
  • Trolls, Goblins and Orcs! Oh my! - Differences?
  • New Forum - We need a forum description!
  • Vocabulary Game

[edit] References