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One of the captains who went to war with King Ondoher of Gondor, in the final fateful engagement with the Wainriders. He was the commander of Ondoher's right wing when the chariots of the Wainriders launched a surprise assault, an attack that left both Ondoher and his heir Artamir dead. Minohtar took command of the army, and ordered a strategic retreat.

While Adrahil I of Dol Amroth led his section of the army southwards into Ithilien, Minohtar commanded a hopeless rearguard action in the country south of the Dagorlad. Valiantly though he fought, his force could not stand against the Wainriders, and he himself died of an arrow wound.

Imagining that Gondor had been defeated, the Wainriders carelessly celebrated their victory with a feast, little suspecting that the Gondorian general Eärnil was advancing from the south. His Southern Army fell on the Wainriders and overwhelmed them, ending their threat against Gondor.

These battles saw the loss of King Ondoher and both his sons, bringing his line to an end. Minohtar was Ondoher's nephew, so that if he had survived, he would very likely have succeeded his uncle as King of Gondor. As it was, no close kin of Ondoher survived the war, and the Crown eventually went to the victorious general Eärnil.