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| titles=
| position=Captain of Gondor
| position=Captain of Gondor
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| affiliation=
| language=[[Westron]]
| language=[[Westron]]

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Biographical Information
PositionCaptain of Gondor
DeathJuly 13, T.A. 1944
Disaster of the Morannon
HouseHouse of Anárion
Physical Description

Minohtar was King Ondoher's siter-son and Captain of the Right Wing of the northern army of Gondor.


In T.A. 1944 when King Ondoher and Prince Artamir led the Northern Army of Gondor out to meet the expected assault of the Wainriders, Minohtar was assigned the position of Captain of the Right Wing. His section of the army followed the main force that included the King's Guards as they approached the area in front of the Morannon.

Ondoher had intended to deploy his full army upon the Dagorlad to meet the foe. However, the Wainriders sent forth a swift vanguard of horsemen and charioteers that struck the head of the moving army. Ondoher had just enough time to send a message to Minohtar to cover his left flank before he and his son, with most of the King's Guard, were annihilated. Minohtar then took command of the army, rallying the remaining men of the Centre and deploying his own command. He sent word to Adrahil of Dol Amroth, who was the Captain of the Left Wing, to withdraw to a defensive position between Cair Andros and the Ephel Dúath. It was Minohtar's intention to use his forces as a rearguard to attempt to halt the Wainriders, whose main host was now approaching.

Minohtar checked the advance of the enemy for awhile. At this time the leader of the Éothéod arrived with the news that the younger son of the King, Faramir, had been slain. The prince should have stayed in Minas Anor but had disguised himself to join in the battle. He had been riding with the Northmen when his party had been caught near the Dead Marshes. Minohtar had been in the process of sending a message to Faramir when this crushing news arrived.

Soon the Wainriders broke through Minohtar's position. Late on the thirteenth day of Cermië Minohtar was overwhelmed and slain by an arrow. His body was carried away with the rearguard as they fled to find Adrahil.

It is possible that had Minohtar lived he might have received the crown after the death of his uncle and two nephews. Since he died too the throne was eventually granted to the victorious general Eärnil.[1]


Narmacil II
Eärnil II


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