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[[Category:Sindarin locations]]
[[Category:Sindarin locations]]

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Mithrim was a land of Beleriand in Middle-earth. Mithrim is also the name of the North Sindarin (q.v.)

Mithrim formed a part of Hithlum, and was the south-western corner of it, bordering Dor-lómin to the east, from which it was divided by the Mountains of Mithrim. Mithrim's climate was the same as Hithlum's; the air was cool and the winters was cold but it was a fair land.

The Noldor dwelt here for a while until their feud was healed, and they removed to other lands. Mithrim was also home to Sindarin Elves, who soon mingled with the Noldor after they had learned Sindarin.

Later in the First Age Mithrim was ruled by Fingolfin, as it formed the most densely populated part of Hithlum.