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The '''Mound of Elendil''' was the grave-mound of [[Elendil]], father of [[Isildur]] and [[Anárion]], and first ruler of [[Arnor]] and [[Gondor]]. Isildur erected the mound on a hilltop on the Northern side of the [[Ered Nimrais]],<ref>{{UT|Cirion}}, (iii) ''Cirion and Eorl''</ref> some time before his death on [[4 October]], {{TA|2}}.<ref>{{App|TA}}</ref> The hill was named [[Amon Anwar]], Hill of Awe, because of this. After [[Cirion]] led [[Eorl the Young]] to the peak, the body of Elendil was moved to [[Rath Dínen]].<ref>{{UT|Cirion}}, (iv) ''The Tradition of Isildur''</ref>
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[[Category:Graves and tombs]]

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