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Mountains of Angmar

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Mountains of Angmar
Mountain range
General Information
LocationNorthern Eriador, west of Mount Gundabad
TypeMountain range
DescriptionA mountain range, where at its eastern end the Witch King's fortress of Carn Dûm lay.
Orc of the Mountains

The Mountains of Angmar was a mountain range that lay to the west of Mount Gundabad, home to the Witch-king of Angmar who ruled from his capitol Carn Dûm on the eastern tip of the mountain range.

Besides the Witch-king, Orcs and other evil creatures lived in the mountains. Fallen-Men (Probably Men of Forodwaith from the North) lived also on the Northern and Southern feet. The Witch-king was defeated at the Battle of Fornost in T.A. 1974, and Carn Dûm was sieged in T.A. 1975, which ended the evil empire. Orcs, likely still lived throughout the Mountains of Angmar during the rest of the Third Age and the late Fourth Age. They were more than likely wiped-out by king Aragorn II of the Reunited Kingdom.