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Náin (son of Grór)

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Physical Description
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"Azog! If you are in come out! Or is the play in the valley too rough?"
― Náin son of Grór, The Lord of the Rings, Appendix A

Náin (third Age 2665 - 2799, lived 134 years) was the grandson of King Dáin I of Durin's folk. Náin's father was Dáin's youngest son Grór. At the Battle of Azanulbizar, Náin lead reinforcements to the Dimrill Dale where he fought his way all the way up to the steps of the East-gate of Moria, where he dueled with Azog. But Náin was half blind with rage and weary of battle, so he swung with all his might at the the Orc, but Azog who was fresh and fell and full of guile darted aside and kicked Náin's leg so that he missed and shattered his mattock on the steps. Náin stumbled and Azog tried to hew his neck, but the Dwarf's mail withstood the edge, but the blow was so powerful that Náin's neck was broken and he fell. After his death the lines of Grór's two elder brothers failed, and Náin's son Dáin II Ironfoot became King.


                       Dáin I
             |           |           |
             |           |           |
           Thrór        Frór        Grór
             |                       |
             |                       |
         Thráin II                  NÁIN
             |                       |
     ________|___________            |
    |            |       |           |
    |            |       |           |
 Thorin II    Frerin    Dís       Dáin II
Oakenshield                       Ironfoot