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<b>Nahald</b> 'secret' is the original Hobbit name of [[Déagol]], the [[Stoors|Stoor]] who originally found the [[One Ring]] and was murdered by [[Sméagol]] ([[Trahald]]).
'''''nahald''''' means "secret" in [[Northern Mannish]]. It was also the name of the [[Hobbits|Hobbit]] [[Déagol]]<ref>{{HM|AF}}, On Translation</ref>
In Déagol's days (mid-25th century Third Age) the hobbits who lived in the [[Vales of Anduin]] used language which was related to the Northern tongues of the Men.
A possible [[Sundocarmë|Root]] *NAH<ref>[[Andreas Möhn|Andreas Moehn]], [ Etymologies of the Atani Languages]</ref>
Source: [[The Return of the King|LoTR III]], [[Appendix F]] II, p. 1136<sup>2005</sup>.
[[Category:Westron words]]
[[Category:Westron words]]

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nahald means "secret" in Northern Mannish. It was also the name of the Hobbit Déagol[1]

[edit] Etymology

A possible Root *NAH[2]


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