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'''''nan''''', '''''nann''''', or '''''nand''''' is a noun meaning "valley" in [[Sindarin]]. Compare with ''[[nandë]]'' in [[Quenya]].
{{disambig-two|the Sindarin noun|Quenya prefix meaning "back"|[[nan-]]}}
'''''nan''''' or ('''''nand-''''', '''''nan(d)'''''), is a noun meaning "valley, vale" in [[Sindarin]].<ref>{{L|230}}, p. 308</ref><ref>{{PE|17}}, pp. 37, 83</ref>
* [[Nan Curunír]] = "[[Curunír]]'s Valley"
*''[[Nan Curunír#Etymology|Nan Curunír]]''
* [[Nan Dungortheb]] = "Valley of Horrible West"
*''[[Nan Dungortheb#Etymology|Nan Dungortheb]]''
== References ==
* ''[[The Languages of Tolkien's Middle-earth]]'' by [[Ruth S. Noel]]
'''''Nan''''' is a [[Noldorin]] (or perhaps [[Doriathrin]]) word glossed as "land at foot of hills with many streams",<ref>{{VT|45a}}, p. 36</ref> Noldorin '''''nand''''', '''''nann''''' is glossed as "wide grassland", and Doriathrin '''''nand''''' is glossed as "field, valley".<ref name=LR>{{LR|Etymologies}}, p. 374</ref>
* [ Hiswelókë's Sindarin Dictionary] compiled by [[Didier Willis]]
[[Category: Sindarin words]]
*[[Sundocarme|Root]] NAD<ref name=LR/>
[[Category:Noldorin nouns]]
[[Category:Sindarin nouns]]

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This article is about the Sindarin noun. For the Quenya prefix meaning "back", see nan-.



nan or (nand-, nan(d)), is a noun meaning "valley, vale" in Sindarin.[1][2]



Nan is a Noldorin (or perhaps Doriathrin) word glossed as "land at foot of hills with many streams",[3] Noldorin nand, nann is glossed as "wide grassland", and Doriathrin nand is glossed as "field, valley".[4]



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