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Nan Curunír

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"...It is a long tale..." — Aragorn
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Nan Curunír
Physical Description
LocationWestern Rohan
RealmsDominion of Saruman
Land of the Ents
InhabitantsMen (Rohirrim)
General Information
EventsBattle of Isengard
ReferencesThe Lord of the Rings

Nan Curunír was the name given in the late Third Age to the valley in the southern feet of the Misty Mountains where Isengard stood. The name is taken from Curunír, the Sindarin name of the Wizard Saruman, who dwelt there.


Nan Curunír is Sindarin for "Saruman's Vale", consisting of nan and Curunír.

An early form of this name was Nan Gurunír.[1]


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