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'''Nanduhirion''' is the [[Sindarin]] name for the valley outside the [[East-gate of Moria]] more commonly known as [[Dimrill Dale]] ([[Khuzdul]] ''[[Azanulbizar]]'').<ref>{{FR|II3}}</ref><ref name=PE17>{{PE|17}}, pp. 35, 37, 42</ref>
The dale that lay to the southeast of [[Khazad-dûm]], where the lake of [[Kheled-zâram]] lay. This was the site of the decisive battle in the [[War of the Dwarves and Orcs]].
''Nanduhirion'' contains the elements ''[[nan|nan(d)]]'' ("vale"), ''[[]]'' ("dimness"), ''[[sîr]]'' ("stream") and the ending ''[[-nd|-(i)on]]''.<ref name=PE17/>
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Main article: Dimrill Dale

Nanduhirion is the Sindarin name for the valley outside the East-gate of Moria more commonly known as Dimrill Dale (Khuzdul Azanulbizar).[1][2]


Nanduhirion contains the elements nan(d) ("vale"), ("dimness"), sîr ("stream") and the ending -(i)on.[2]


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