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[[Category:Sindarin locations]]

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The River Narog was the chief river of West Beleriand, the largest tributary of River Sirion.

It rose from the Pools of Ivrin in the Ered Wethrin, flowed south and then southeast, flowing through a gorge in a series of rapids where it crossed the hills of the Andram or Long Wall, finally meeting Sirion in the Land of Willows Nan-tathren, not far above the Mouths of Sirion. Narog's tributaries were the River Ginglith in the north and the River Ringwil in the Taur-en-Faroth.

Into its western bank, just south of where Ringwil rushed into Narog, was carved the city of Nargothrond, stronghold of Finrod Felagund.


In the Etymologies, the river's name was stated to mean rushing, violent. However, in Parma Eldalamberon 17, two possible Khuzdul origins were mentioned: Narâk and Naruka, both of unknown meaning. Neither are canon, but the material in Parma Eldalamberon is younger.

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