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This article is non-canon.

The Nauglafring was an earlier version of the Nauglamír. It was, like the Nauglamír, the object of quarrel between Dwarves of Nogrod and Elu Thingol, who at this time in the legendarium (around 1920) was still called Ellu Tinwelint.

It causes the death of Tinwelint as it gets caught behind a tree branch when he is riding outside the Girdle of Melian and is attacked by the Dwarves. Tinwelint, unhorsed, is slain, after which Melian's protection is lifted and Doriath is sacked. The Nauglafring itself is later lost in the sea.


The word Nauglafring is Goldogrin, the precursor of Noldorin (which in turn is the precursor of Sindarin). The first element is naugl-, "dwarf", and the second element is fring, "carcanet, necklace".