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The Nelyar (Q, pron [ˈneʎar]) was the original name of the third Clan of the elves, Teleri, before the Great March. The Clan-name, meaning 'Thirds' (q. cardinal nelya 'third') was derived from the name of the father of the Clan, Enel 'Three'. Enel was the third Elf-father, who awoke at Cuiviénen.

They were the largest clan, being the 74/144 of the population. Of those, the 46/74 followed Elwë to the West and became the Teleri, while 28/74 stayed back.

The other original clans were Minyar 'Firsts', and Tatyar 'Seconds' according to the Elf-fathers Imin 'One' and Tata 'Two'.

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Three Kindreds:
(Eldar · Eldalië · Edhil)
 Vanyar (Fair-elves · Minyar) · Noldor (Deep-elves · Tatyar) · Teleri (Lindar · Nelyar)
(High-elves · Amanyar)
 Vanyar · Noldor · Falmari
Úmanyar:  Sindar (Grey-elves · Eglath) · Nandor (Green-elves · Silvan Elves)
 Moriquendi:  Úmanyar · Avari (Dark Elves · The Unwilling)
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Source: HoME XI, 380-381.