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Nick Austin

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'''Nick Austin''' is together with [[Pete Austin|Pete]] and [[Mike Austin]] the author of [[Colossal Adventure]], [[Adventure Quest]] and [[Dungeon Adventure]] which are part of [[the Middle-Earth Trilogy]] (reproduced as ''"The Jewels of Darkness"'').<ref>[ The Middle-Earth Trilogy / The Colossal Trilogy] at Tolkien Games (retrieved 13 June 2011)</ref><ref>[ FAQS, Tolkien Games] (retrieved 17 August 2010)</ref><ref>[ Meristation, El Anillo interactivo] (retrieved 17 August 2010)</ref>
'''Nick Austin''' is the author of [[Colossal Adventure]] (''"The Jewels of Darkness"'' version only), [[Adventure Quest]] and [[Dungeon Adventure]].
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Nick Austin is together with Pete and Mike Austin the author of Colossal Adventure, Adventure Quest and Dungeon Adventure which are part of the Middle-Earth Trilogy (reproduced as "The Jewels of Darkness").[1][2][3]

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