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The swamps of '''Nindalf''' or '''[[Wetwang]]''' lie to the south of [[Emyn Muil]] and east of the Great River [[Anduin]], fed by the great inland delta of the [[Entwash]]. The [[Dead Marshes]] lie further east and may be an extension of Nindalf.
'''Nindalf''' was a location of swamps. It was translated as '''[[Wetwang]]''' in [[Westron]].
The name is [[Sindarin]], consisting of ''[[nîn]]'' ("wet") and ''[[talf]]'' ("flat field").<ref>{{PE|17}}, p. 52</ref><ref name="Nomen">{{HM|N}}, p. 779</ref>
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Nindalf was a location of swamps. It was translated as Wetwang in Westron.


The name is Sindarin, consisting of nîn ("wet") and talf ("flat field").[1][2]


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