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Nine Rings

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The Nine Rings were those of the Rings of Power that Sauron used to corrupt Men to his service; those who took the Nine Rings became the Nazgûl.


The rings of men(or the nine) gave their wearer powerful magical abilities and made gave them the ability to influence peoples' will. The rings also gave a very long life, but the wearer would begin to feel worn out and eventually fade away into a wraith. The nine kings given the rings turned into ringwraiths because Sauron was able to take control of the rings.


The rings were made along with the others in Eregion and were forged by Celebrimbor. The nine were locked away in one of the safes of Eregion, but all of the nine were captured by Sauron, who gave them to nine kings of men, three of which were Numenorean kings. The owners of the nine eventually became the Nazgûl.

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