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Physical Description
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Nori was a Dwarf of Durin's folk. He had two brothers named Dori, and Ori, and was a remote kinsmen of Thorin Oakenshield. His hood was purple, he played the flute, and he was very fond regular and plentiful meals.

The Quest of Erebor

Nori was one of twelve Dwarves selected by King Thorin II Oakenshield to come with him on the Quest of Erebor. When Thorin and Company fled from the Wargs and Goblins they had climbed some trees to safety, where Nori was the first to realize that Bilbo had been left behind on the ground. To which Dori saved him. He later fought and survived the Battle of Five Armies, and was given his share of the treasure by Dáin II Ironfoot.

Erebor, and the War of the Ring

During the [[War of the Ring Nori was still living in Erebor, and possibly fought in the Battle of Dale.

His date of death is not known.

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