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North Downs

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North Downs
Physical Description
LocationCentral Eriador, east of the Hills of Evendim, north of the Weather Hills
Reunited Kingdom
DescriptionA set of hills where Fornost was established
General Information
EventsFall of Fornost, Battle of Fornost
ReferencesAppendix A

A range of hills in the north of Middle-earth, at the south end of which lay Fornost Erain, ancient city of the Northern Dúnedain.

Portrayal in Adaptations

2007: The Lord of the Rings Online:

The North Downs is one of the major regions of the game and one of the largest to date. North from Bree-land the Greenway is leading to Fornost Erain in the north-western corner of the map. Major towns are Trestlebridge, a small town of men from Bree, Esteldín, an Arnoria] ruin inhabited by Dúnedain Rangers, and Othrikar, a mining outpost of the Longbeards.
As of fall of T.A. 3018 North Downs is in the state of war, as a new power in Angmar is sending its minions south. Nan Wathren is a rocky walley occupied by Orcs besieging Trestlebridge, the farms of Annundir have been ravaged by Goblins, Dourhands roam the Nan Amlung, but the biggest threat of all is an entire army of Orcs, Wargs and Trolls gathering its strength in Dol Dinen.