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The North East Tolkien Society, formerly known as the New York Tolkien Society, and also known as Heren Istarion, is/was the largest American Smial of The Tolkien Society.

The main force behind Heren Istarion are co-chairs Anthony Burdge and his wife Jessica Burke. It is dormant since 2009 due to hardship encountered by the co-chairs due to the recession. The last activity of Heren Istarion website as at March 2012 was March 2011. The Heren Istarion Facebook page also no longer exists. [1][2] Consequently it's website[3] was downgraded to a blog[4] as well as a Facebook page.[5]



The smial is located on Staten Island, New York. Heren Istarion published its own calendars in 2008,[6] 2009,[7] 2010[8] and 2011.[9] It is unclear whether a 2012 calendar will be printed and sold.

Aside from Heren Istarion New York City has a group: NYC Area Friends of J.R.R. Tolkien & Fantasy, that appears to be active as it meets monthly.


Heren Istarion also published a magazine through 2008, Parma Nölé.[10] No issues were released in 2009, 2010 or 2011.

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