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The '''North Undeep''' was one of two westward bends of the river [[Anduin]] located between [[The Wold]] and the [[Brown Lands]] (the other being the [[South Undeep]]).  The upper part of the North Undeep also bordered the [[Field of Celebrant]] and was where the river [[Limlight]] joined the Great River.<ref>{{UT|Map}}</ref>  Both of the Undeeps had many shallows and wide shoals that afforded an easy crossing for armies,<ref>{{UT|6c}}</ref> which occurred a number of times during the history of [[Gondor]] and [[Rohan]].
As it flowed past the southern end of the [[Field of Celebrant]], and on towards the northern fields of [[Rohan]], the [[Anduin]] followed a sudden pronounced westward loop in its course, into which the River [[Limlight]] flowed. This was the first of two such loops, known as the [[Undeeps]], and was naturally known as the '''North Undeep'''.

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