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Northern Waste

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The Northern Waste:

The Northern Waste was a cold and icy region in the far north end of Middle Earth. The land was mostly snow and ice; however it did have several great lakes, some covered with snow and ice. It was the region above Mount Gundabad and the Ered Mithrin (Grey Mountains). Little is known about the area except of the life and terrain of it. The Cold Drakes of the Northern Waste were the Dragons that attacked the Dwarves in the year 2510 of the Third Age, killing one of the Dwarven leaders. It is likely that the Goblins and Hobgoblins that later colonized the Ered Mithrin drove most of the Cold Drakes back into the Northern Waste. It is also very likely that this is where the Snow Trolls Dwelt. The Snow Trolls are a complete myth, the only inference we have of them is a carving of one on the horn of Helms Deep. This is also where Helloth, fabled ice-city of the Snow-elves that guards Helecthil, the mysterious source of the northern lights. The land also contained White Wolves and Snow Lions which were commonly wondering the land around the water sources. The Northern Waste also consisted of evil men who were much more hostile than the men of Forodwaith and Forochel. Like the men of Forochel, the snowmen of the Waste lived in igloos and ice fortresses. The Northern Waste men were often fighting with the men of Forodwaith and Forochel due to tribal rivalry. It is said that the men of the Waste aided The Witch King of Angmar during his siege of Eriador. The men of the Northern Waste made peace with the King of Gondor during the early fourth age.