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LocationThe Shire
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EventsBattle of Greenfields

The Northfarthing was the cold northern farthing of the Shire. Its southernmost point lay about eleven miles north of the Three Farthing Stone[1] and along its northern border were the high North Moors.[2] When Frodo and Sam entered Ithilien for the first time the fresh and fragrant air of the region reminded them of the uplands of the Northfarthing.[3]

Geographic Features

Only a small corner of this farthing was included on the map called "A Part of the Shire" so only a few features of this section were shown: Bindbole Wood, an unnamed river that may have been the Norbourn, and the Northway Road that led to the town of Oatbarton.

A branch of the Took Family called the North-tooks lived in a town called Long Cleeve.[4] Given the reference to the north (when most Tooks lived in the Westfarthing), Long Cleeve was probably located in the Northfarthing.


The only notable historic event that ever occurred in the Northfarthing was the Battle of Greenfields (T.A. 2747).[5] It was the only battle fought with the boundaries of the Shire until the Battle of Bywater.


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