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| location=Southern [[Mordor]]
| location=Southern [[Mordor]]
| type=Region
| type=Region
| description=Quite fertile, with the lake of [[Nurnen]] in the middle of it
| description=Quite fertile, with the sea of [[Nurnen]] in the middle of it
| regions=
| regions=
| towns=
| towns=

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Mark Fisher - Nurn.gif
"Nurn" by Mark Fisher
General Information
LocationSouthern Mordor
DescriptionQuite fertile, with the sea of Nurnen in the middle of it
InhabitantsOrcs, Men

Nurn was the name given to the southern regions of Mordor, more fertile than Gorgoroth in the north, in which the great inland Sea of Núrnen lay.[1] The people who inhabited Nurn were Men and there may have been prisoners of war there as well. These people were enslaved by Sauron, working the soil around the sea of Nurn to feed Sauron's armies.

After the War of the Ring, King Elessar liberated the peoples of Nurn and gave them the land as their own. The southern region of Nurn probably escaped the destruction caused in northern Mordor by the eruption of Mount Doom.[2]


Nurn, appearing in the compound Núrnen ("sad-water"), apparently means "sad" in Sindarin.[3][4]

Portrayal in adaptions

2014: Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor:

Nurn is featured in the game.


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