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A name for the mountain of [[Taniquetil]] in the [[Pelóri]], on which stood the high halls of [[Manwë]] and [[Varda]]. Oiolossë was the highest peak in the World, and was always covered with shining snow (hence the name Oiolossë, which means 'everlasting whiteness' or, more literally, 'Ever-snow-white'). The [[Sindarin]] version of this name, with the same meaning, was [[Amon Uilos]]. There is in fact some confusion over the term Oiolossë. In most sources, it is simply used as another name for the great mountain Taniquetil, but in [[Valaquenta]], it seems to refer specifically to Taniquetil's uttermost snow-covered peak. This subtle shift suggests that its meaning may have changed slightly at some time in the name's history.
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