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Olórë Mallë

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This article is non-canon.

Olórë Mallë was a path made by Lórien from the Great Lands to Valinor. Lórien created the path at the bidding of Manwë who looked with sorrow upon the hiding of Valinor. It was a road by which the children of Men would at times come to Valinor in their sleep. It was a lane of deep banks and great overhanging hedges, beyond which stood many tall trees wherein a perpetual whisper seemed to live. Great glow-worms crept about its grassy borders. At the end of the lane stood a high gate of lattice-work that shone golden in the dusk. The gate opened up to winding paths leading into the fairest of all the gardens, and amidmost of the garden stood a white cottage, The Cottage of the Children.