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Old fat spider spinning in a tree!

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Old fat spider spinning in a tree! is a poem found within the Flies and Spiders chapter in The Hobbit.



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Old fat spider spinning in a tree!
Old fat spider can’t see me!
          Attercop! Attercop!
               Won’t you stop,
Stop your spinning and look for me!

Old Tomnoddy, all big body,
Old Tomnoddy can’t spy me!
          Attercop! Attercop!
                Down you drop!
You’ll never catch me up your tree!

Lazy Lob and crazy Cob
are weaving webs to wind me.
I am far more sweet than other meat,
but still they cannot find me!

Here am I, naughty little fly;
you are fat and lazy.
You cannot trap me, though you try,
in your cobwebs crazy.


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