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On Tolkien: Interviews, Reminiscences, and Other Essays

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On Tolkien: Interviews, Reminiscences, and Other Essays
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AuthorDouglas A. Anderson, Marjorie J. Burns
PublisherHoughton Mifflin
ReleasedOctober 22, 2007

From the publisher

Compiled by noted Tolkien scholars Douglas A. Anderson and Marjorie J. Burns, this book provides an invaluable insight into Tolkien’s thought through interviews, personal reminiscences, and remembrances collected nowhere else. Tolkien gave some twenty interviews in his lifetime. In this collection is the unedited transcript of an interview for the BBC, giving the only surviving impression of what it was like to converse with Tolkien. Firsthand impressions ranging from those of the lexicographer of the Oxford English Dictionary to those of friends such as Robert Murray, Norman Power, Donald Swann, the science fiction writer, L. Sprague de Camp, and Tolkien’s eldest son, Michael (Michael is Tolkien's second eldest son, John is his eldest son -someone fix this), the reminiscences are lively and loving testimonials. Most of the essays here were written by people who knew Tolkien and explore other aspects of his life: Christopher Tolkien on the making of The Silmarillion, Priscilla Tolkien on his art, Rayner Unwin on publishing Tolkien, and more.