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The Goblin-Town was an orcish underground community, led by the [[Great Goblin]].<ref>{{HM|H}}, [[Over Hill and Under Hill]]</ref>

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Orc-holds is a term used to refer to underground tunnellings of the Orcs, found throughout the Misty Mountains and Mount Gundabad.


Misty Mountains Holds

Main article: Orcs of the Misty Mountains

Several Orkish holds including Moria were dwelled by Orcs and caused trouble in the nearby regions, such as Eriador, Lorien and Shire.

Mount Gundaband

Main article: Mount Gundabad

Mount Gundaband was the capital of Orcs in the North after its first sack in the Second Age. Major Orcish opperations such as battles during the War of the Dwarves and Orcs and the Battle of Five Armies[1] were from it.


The Goblin-Town was an orcish underground community, led by the Great Goblin.[2]

Main article: Goblin-town


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