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| name=Orocarni
| othernames=The Red Mountains
| othernames=The Red Mountains

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Mountain Range
General Information
Other namesThe Red Mountains
LocationFar east of Middle-earth
TypeMountain Range
People and History
InhabitantsDwarves, Avari, Men
EventsThe awakening of several Dwarven clans

The Orocarni was a mountain range in the far east made by the Valar before Arda was marred and the symmetry was lost in the wars against Melkor.[1]

On the western slopes of the Orocarni grew the Wild Wood, and near a great waterfall of a river that flowed into the Inland Sea of Helcar the bay of Cuiviénen lay, where the Elves woke.[2][3]

At their northern edge the Orocarni connected with the Ered Engrin,[1] forming a situation much as the Ered Luin in the far west.


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