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Orodreth (Steward of Gondor)

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Biographical Information
PositionRuling Steward
RuleThird Age 2655 - Third Age 2685
DeathThird Age 2685
ParentageBelecthor I
ChildrenEcthelion I
Physical Description

Orodreth was the sixteenth Ruling Steward of Gondor, who inherited the Stewardship from his father Belecthor I. Orodreth shared his name with an illustrious Elf-lord of the First Age, Orodreth the younger brother of Finrod Felagund and late ruler of Nargothrond. Orodreth the Steward has left less of a mark on history, and indeed other than his dates we have no records of his rule. He was succeeded by his son, who ruled as Ecthelion I.

Preceded by:
Belecthor I
16th Ruling Steward of Gondor
III 2655 – 2685
Followed by:
Ecthelion I