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'''Orodruin''' is the original [[Sindarin]] name of the volcano in [[Mordor]], also known as [[Amon Amarth]] or [[Mount Doom]] in [[Gondor]].
''Orodruin'' is glossed as "burning mountain"<ref>{{App|F2}}</ref> and "mountain of the red flame".<ref>{{HM|N}}, p. 769</ref> The name likely consists of ''[[ered|orod]]'' ("mountain") + ''[[ruin]]'' ("fiery red").<ref>[ Compound Sindarin Names in Middle-earth] at [] (accessed 14 July 2011)</ref>
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Main article: Mount Doom

Orodruin is the original Sindarin name of the volcano in Mordor, also known as Amon Amarth or Mount Doom in Gondor.

[edit] Etymology

Orodruin is glossed as "burning mountain"[1] and "mountain of the red flame".[2] The name likely consists of orod ("mountain") + ruin ("fiery red").[3]


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