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General information
LocationEasternmost Beleriand
Ossiriand was a region of eastern Beleriand.



Ossiriand was a green and forested land, and it was populated by the Nandor.

  • For more information, see Lindon


Ossiriand, or Land of Seven Rivers, was the most eastern region of Beleriand during the First Age, lying between the Ered Luin and the river Gelion.

North of Ossiriand lay the land of Thargelion, and south of the river Adurant later lay the Land of the Dead that Live, where Lúthien and Beren lived their second lives.

The Seven Rivers were, from north to south:

  1. River Gelion
  2. River Ascar or Rathlóriel
  3. River Thalos
  4. River Legolin
  5. River Brilthor
  6. River Duilwen
  7. River Adurant, with Tol Galen

Along the northern shore of the Ascar ran the Dwarf-Road to Nogrod.


Ossiriand is Sindarin, meaning 'the Land of Seven Rivers'[1] (alternatively 'Land of Seven Streams'[2]). Early names used by Tolkien for this region were Ossiriande[3], Assariad and Ossiriath[4].


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