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Biographical Information
Other namesFortress Lord
PositionKing of Gondor
BirthT.A. 222
RuleT.A. 411 - T.A. 492
DeathT.A. 492 (aged 370)
ChildrenRómendacil I
Physical Description
GalleryImages of Ostoher
Ostoher (Third Age 222 – 492, aged 270) was the seventh King of Gondor, ruling for 81 years, from Third Age 411 until his death. His name means "Fortress Lord".

Around 420, Ostoher expanded the citadel of Minas Anor. Reconstructing the citadel was a massive undertaking (some sources suggest that it took as long as ten years), and might have been the source of Ostoher's royal name. After the construction was finished, he took Minas Anor as his summer residence, a tradition carried on by his successors.

Much later in his reign, Gondor suffered its first serious assault since the defeat of Sauron some five centuries before. In 490 bands of Easterlings appeared, threatening the region of north Ithilien. By this time Ostoher was an old man, and he sent his heir Tarostar to meet the threat. Tarostar was successful, but the campaign took 10 years, so Ostoher never his lived to see his son's victory.

Ostoher was succeeded by his son, who took the name Rómendacil ("East-victor") to celebrate his triumph.


   Tarostar (also known as Rómendacil I)
Preceded by:
[[Anardil (King of Gondor)
Anardil]] 7th King of Gondor
III 411 – 492
Followed by:
Rómendacil I