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Other Hands 1

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*Review: River Running - [[Chris Seeman]]
*Review: River Running - [[Chris Seeman]]
{{DISPLAYTITLE:''Other Hands'' 1}}
{{DEFAULTSORT:Other Hands 01}}
{{DEFAULTSORT:Other Hands 01}}
[[Category:Other Hands]]
[[Category:Other Hands]]

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Other Hands issue 1

Other Hands 1 is an issue of Other Hands, a magazine devoted to MERP.

  • Published: April 1993


  • Editorial - Chris Seeman
  • ICE's open letter to Subscribers of "Other Hands" - Peter Fenlon
  • Beyond the Third Age: Roleplaying in all ages of Arda - Anders Blixt
  • Corruption in Middle-earth - Chris Pheby
  • Beyond Anduin: Rhovanion as the Northern Frontier of Gondor - Chris Seeman
  • Selections from a Panel Discussion on Role-playing in Tolkien's World - Chris Seeman, et al.)
  • A Select Bibliography of Middle-earth Role Playing (1982-1992) - Chris Seeman
  • Review: River Running - Chris Seeman