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*[ Nya Palantíren] web zine (English)
*[ Nya Palantíren] web zine (English)
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Logo of Nya Palantíren

Palantiren ("The Palantír") is a publication by Forodrim, Stockholms Tolkiensällskap. It is an intermittent fantasy anthology (although also including stories of mythology, science fiction, horror, etc.), containing fanfiction mostly written by members of the Forodrim.

All paper issues have been archived by Forodrim and at the National Library of Sweden.


  • 1972: The first issue was published, in the same year as the founding of Forodrim.
  • 19721987: 44 issues were published (including three double-issues) in A4-format. Some isue were stapled, other were glued.
  • 1987: Palantiren changed format and was published as an annual book featuring colour illustrations. Five such annuals were published until 1991.After this, the publication ceased to exist for some years.
  • 1994: Two issues in A4-format, now in the name Nya Palantiren ("The New Palantír") were published, with a new editor and featuring cover illustrations in colour.
  • 1998: Nya Palantíren was re-established, with yet another editor, now as webzine.

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