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Palisor was a name used by J.R.R. Tolkien in his early legendarium for the mid-most region of the Great Lands. In Palisor lay the Waters of Awakening, where the Elves awoke.[1]

Conceptual confusion

In The History of Middle-earth Index, Palisor is correctly described as the region where "the Elves awoke", in the index for The Book of Lost Tales Part 1 and The Book of Lost Tales Part 2. However, in the index for The Shaping of Middle-earth and The Lost Road and Other Writings, Palisor is described to be the region where "the first Men awoke". A misconception is likely to have entered the index, as none of the page references point to any other usage of the name Palisor than the birth-place of the Elves.


According to Christopher Tolkien's reading of the Qenya Lexicon, 'Palisor' is derived from the root PALA, "whose derivatives have a common general sense of 'flatness', among them palis 'sward, lawn', whence no doubt Palisor." [2]


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