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Palisor was a name used by J.R.R. Tolkien in his early legendarium for the mid-most region of the Great Lands.[1] In Palisor lay the Waters of Awakening, where the Elves awoke.

Conceptual confusion

In The History of Middle-earth Index, Palisor is correctly described as the region where "the Elves awoke", in the index for The Book of Lost Tales (Part One) and The Book of Lost Tales (Part Two). However, in the index for The Shaping of Middle-earth and The Lost Road and Other Writings, Palisor is described to be the region where "the first Men awoke". A mis-conception is likely to have entered the index, as none of the page references point to any other usage of the name Palisor than the birth-place of the Elves.


According to Christopher Tolkien's reading of the Qenya Lexicon, 'Palisor' is derived from the root PALA, "whose derivatives have a common general sense of 'flatness', among them palis 'sward, lawn', whence no doubt Palisor." [2]


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