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Parma Eldalamberon 6

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Parma Eldalamberon, issue 6
AuthorChristopher Gilson (ed.)
PublisherElvish Linguistic Fellowship

Parma Eldalamberon 6 is the sixth issue of Parma Eldalamberon, and the first after its revival by Christopher Gilson.

Includes a letter from Rhona Beare that reports brief notes made on a draft version of Thror's Map. These notes consist of the phrase "Five feet high the door and three may walk abreast" in Noldorin and Old English - Rhone Beare copied the notes from the map when it was on display in an exhibition of "Cartographic Curiosities" at The British Museum. The draft version of Thror's Map can be seen in J.R.R. Tolkien: Artist and Illustrator (1995) - figure 85.[1]


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