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Parma Nölé 1

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Parma Nölé 1 is the first issue of the North East Tolkien Society journal, issued February 2001.


  • The Naming of a NY Smial and the meaning of Parma Nölé
    • By: Anthony S Burdge
  • Parma Nole Editorial
    • By Anthony S Burdge
  • Biblical Allusions within The Lord of the Rings
    • By Daniel Zachari’ah
  • Welcome to Tolkien Jeopardy!
    • By Roseane Daniello
  • The Lord of the Rings Movie Trailer Review (April 2000 preview)
    • By Daniel Zachari’ah
  • A Question posed to Sir Ian McKellen
    • By Roseane Daniello
  • Heren Istarion Constitution
  • Welcome to Tolkien Jeopardy answers