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Parma Nölé 11

Parma Nölé 11 is the eleventh issue of the North East Tolkien Society journal Parma Nölé, for Fall/Winter 2004.

[edit] Contents

  • Letters from the Heren Istarion Fellowship
  • "Interview with Alan Lee"
  • Sabrina Jackson: "Just Punishment: The question of retribution"
  • Anthony S. Burdge: "Remembering: The Lord of the Rings: 1954-2004: Scholarship in Honor of Richard E. Blackwelder
  • Marquette Photo Gallery
  • Jessica Burke: "Leave Your Elf-Ears Home, Please"
  • Caitlin Horton: "Why Tolkien? The Man behind the epic"
  • Cosima W.: "The Elves and Men of Tolkien's Middle-earth and Sam Balcomb's Rammoth Valley"
  • Namiko Hitotsubashi: "The Song of Dol Amroth"